Setting strategic direction
The Alberta government sets strategic direction for the health system through:
policy, legislation and standards
allocating resources
helping develop and support the health system
administering provincial programs such as the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, air ambulance services and communicable disease control expertise
The Office of the Provincial Health Officer provides direction and guidelines on public health policy to regional health authorities, and gives information to the public about communicable diseases and public health programs

Alberta’s health services are delivered by nine regional health authorities, three provincial health authorities, health professionals in fee-for-service practice and others who provide equipment, supplies and services.

Alberta’s regional health authorities deliver health care services to residents and are responsible for all hospitals, continuing care facilities, community health services and public health programs in their region.

There are three provincial health authorities. The Alberta Cancer Board provides cancer services. The Alberta Mental Health Board governs province-wide services and programs, promotes mental health and advocates for Albertans. Regional mental health programs are delivered through the regional health authorities. The Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA) is an organization engaged in gathering knowledge and translating it into practical actions that can improve the quality, safety and performance of Alberta’s health system (effective July 1, 2006).

Some public health services may also be provided by private health care clinics.

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